The Dreamboats

These are some of my favourite guys, hands down. I'm totally biased, being that I've been friends with them for years, but they are truly a great group of musicians. The Dreamboats are a band that hails from Mississauga and plays 50s/60s rock and roll. Starting out as a cover band, they do bar nights chock full of 50s/60s covers that brings everyone onto the dance floor to twist. They write and play their own retro-style original tunes as well. 

I got a chance to shoot their recent show at The Cameron House in Toronto before they jetted off to Europe for a tour. The guys were on fire this night, and I was 100% covered in sweat (both mine and other people's...) by the 2am mark when the music finally stopped. 10/10 I recommend getting to see these lads if you get the chance!