I arrived to meet Eliza at Kariya Park in Mississauga on this day, having previously read that the cherry blossoms had finally bloomed. As an aside, Kariya Park was built in honour of the relationship that Mississauga has with Kariya, Japan, so they have beautiful cherry blossoms that everyone rushes to see in the spring when they grace us with their presence. 

We arrived to find an entire film crew taking over the park, stocking it with equipment and crew, making it clear as we rambled around the park that it was going to be difficult to get in the spots that are sought after to snap portraits in during this season. After almost admitting defeat and going our separate ways for the day, I decided to ask Eliza to get in the middle of a small flowery bush, and thought we'd try to at least get SOMETHING so that all her hard work getting primped wasn't for naught. Luckily, with a talented girl like Eliza, it's possible to get amazing photos if you can make the best of your drawbacks.

We never did find out what was filming though...