The Dreamboats session

This blog post is a little late. To catch you up, I've been finishing up my photography diploma and have been up to my eyes in projects so updating my website fell on the back burner. But earlier this year, photos I did with the Dreamboats were released and the guys started using them for press, so it's high-time I shared some of them with you!

We shot in a really beautiful studio in an old stone building in Thorold, Ontario. The studio itself is a work of art and was a great space to create some new photos for the band. Before the session, we had decided they needed some updated photos that showed their maturity while retaining their retro aesthetic. I think I did well by them, but we still got a little silly, because if you know these guys at all, you know they are just a bunch of jokesters under their well-fitting suits.

One of the shots was recently published in Modern Mississauga magazine, both in print and online, which was pretty exciting to discover!

If you want to check out more about the guys, you can do so HERE. Let me know what you think about the photos in the comments below!