Last of Fall Adventure

Maybe the title of this is a bit hastily written, technically fall isn't over for a month, but as the first snowfall already came and went in Niagara, it's clear that winter is on the sideline, eager to come out and play. 

Our adventure started simply enough, we were shooting a Jeep for an assignment. We chose a spot that maybe we weren't allowed to be in, so said all the No Trespassing signs littered about, but we hopped to, got the assignment done, and then some. Once the job was complete, we kept shooting and wandering about the area, trying to soak in every bit of golden hour and sunset we could. We've been inundated with so many gloomy days that a day like this seemed like it might not come around again for a little while.

I've recently started shooting film, thanks to a friend I made while working at Nikon, Sara, who is teaching me and letting me use her equipment. I'm eager to get the film photos back from this day eventually as well, to see how much they turned out. 

As the leaves are almost all fallen and crumpled on the ground, I'm a little sad to see fall go, but I'm excited at the idea of the snowy wonderland pictures that are in my camera's future.


I recently started a summer job at Nikon's head office while off from school for the summer. A great perk we have access to is this magical cabinet of gear that we can borrow whenever we want. I took home a D610 & a 85mm over the weekend and had a ball shooting these. So much gear to play with! It's going to be a fun summer.


It's my belief that dating a photographer might be really annoying. On one hand you always have great photos of yourself, but on the other hand you're always being dragged into getting your photo taken because no one else is around. I think Evan was hours deep into a video game when I dragged him outside and made him get on the ground because I mean, GOLDEN HOUR! Amiright?

I had spent many of the previous few days staring longingly out the window during this hour, wishing someone was around that I could photograph. On this day however, Evan was around and he had recently gotten a hair cut--so it's probably his own fault for looking his best, yeah?


This was my first time shooting with Mina, and she claims it was her first time doing a photoshoot, which is incredibly difficult to believe once you look at the photos. An absolute natural, you can tell this girl is comfortable in front of the camera.

We hung out around Square One shopping centre in Mississauga, wandering from their parking garage, to Celebration Square to bask in the sunshine and eat suckers, which is a pretty good way to spend an afternoon.