Whether you need…

  • Someone to help you through a deadline

  • To outsource regular editing so you can focus on your clients

  • Help with a difficult editing project that is out of your wheelhouse

  • Or if you just don’t want to do your own editing anymore

I can help!

I offer:

  • Image culling

  • Batch editing

  • Advanced retouching

  • Image compositing

Projects are quoted based on the scope of work required, quantity of images, and turnaround required. Shoot me an email with a brief overview of what you need help with and I’ll take it from there.

*Discounts are offered for regular, monthly retainers (on contract).


Why hire me?

A photographer myself, I know the importance of a good edit. I'm skilled in a wide range of photography genres, and can work with you to create a clean, e-commerce gallery, or create a complex mystical world out of photographs and manipulation…and everything in between.

I’ve been self-teaching photo editing for the better part of a decade, and was professionally trained while obtaining my photography diploma at Niagara College.

But past my credentials: I love editing. And it shows in my work.